Monday, January 11, 2010

Create your OWN .prov files

Proxy settings for NOP for S40v3, S40v5 phones As we all know, Nokia doesn’t allow one to specify a proxy for an Access Point in Series 40 v2 and v3 and v5 phones (6131, 6133, 3110c, 5300, 5200, 5310, 6500) etc.

In its recent versions of the Series40OS (v2 & v3 & v5), Nokia has removed the ability to specify a proxy server associated with an access point. Therefore, those with WAP network plans (such as TMobileWeb users, Airtel NOP users) are unable to use JAVA programs that require internet access (such as Opera Mini, Google Maps,
However, Nokia does allow users to create a provisioning document on their computer. This document, created in wbxml, specifies an access point along with a proxy. The S40 phone recognizes the configuration settings in the document and allows the JAVA midlet to use those instead, thereby allowing the midlet to access the proxy. It’s very simple to implement.

The files included in the zip provide some sample xml documents, and the associated provisioning (.prov) files.


to download Nokia S40 proxy settings for JAVA applications ZIP file.
Description of included files:NokiaJAVAProxy.wml: The wml file that you can edit if you need/want different proxy settings.
NokiaJAVAProxy.prov: The actual binary wbxml provisioning file that should be sent to your phone (via bluetooth or usb). This can NOT be manually edited. Process:

1: Push the NokiaJAVAProxy.prov file to your phone using Bluetooth. Send the file via Send File option only do not copy paste to your phone (object push, not file transfer). If your are unable to do it, just transfer it to any Bluetooth supported phone and send that file via Bluetooth to your phone.

2: The phone will recognize the configuration settings, and will prompt you to save them. Don’t worry if it says no supported applications.

3: Go to Settings-Configuration-Default Config. Settings, and change the default config to [the name of the configuration we just loaded].That’s it! JAVA midlets like Opera Mini, Google Maps, MGMaps, etc should work now

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