Friday, September 23, 2016

How to Solve the Issue of Your WordPress Blog not Sending New Post Notifications With Jetpack Subscription Module

Once I discovered this Issue in my WordPress Blog @, it disturbed me a lot, because this is one of the way or method to increase WordPress Blog Articles engagement. So I tried contacting WordPress Jetpack Plugin Support, link but I waited for 3 days to see if Jetpack Team will reply me and give me the solution to this issue, but no support, rather I saw or read other WordPress Bloggers Commenting on the same issue on their blog and I wanted to feel discouraged and thought that there is no hope or  help or remedy to this problem.

But at first, I thought I was the only one having the issue, but when I saw comments from others, link, so I became more courageous and thinking hardly and experimenting or trouble shooting on all Jetpack settings and settings too, disabling and enabling various settings to rectify and solve the issue myself, but at all it didn't work. So I stopped for a while and continued my thinking and I now discovered what was the cause of the issue and immediately I solved it and tested it with a new post and I received the new post notification direct to my mail box.


1. Jetpack plugin updates to the latest version fixed a bug to the previous version.

2. It renamed the names of most modules in widget area. E.g: Like blog subscription widget normal the name was Blog Subscription [Jetpack] but after the update, it was renamed to Blog Subscription only, no Jetpack attached to it, so that means, Jetpack was omitted and not present.

3. Jetpack connection was not connected well to my blog, the connected it was showing was not real, though the subscription button allow people to subscribe but some time fails to be activated.


1. Deactivate your Jetpack WordPress Plugin and Clear your page cache with your W3 Total Cache Plugin, in case you are using it.

2. Delete the Jetpack WordPress Plugin from your Plugin Window.

3. After deleting it, Download a new Jetpack WordPress Plugin from the Plugin Installation Section and Install it again.

4. Now you have finished installing Jetpack WordPress Plugin, Click on Activate in the window and also once again clear your page cache with W3 Total Cache Plugin if you are using it.

5. Reconnect your Jetpack WordPress Plugin with the same account you are using with it before, if you don't have an account of your own or a web developer created your blog for you, you can contact him to connect for you again to keep your old followers list or you can just create account of your own with this link, but note that, when you are creating new account, you will lose all your subscribed data's in your blog.

6. After connecting it, you go to Jetpack WordPress Plugin Settings to Set it all the features you need in your blog, including Blog Subscription [Jetpack], then you have solved the issue.


This is of no big deal, what you need to do here is to subscribe with your email address in your blog and activate it, then you publish a new article to your blog and immediately you will receive new post notification.


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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Simplest Way to Activate Micro Soft Windows 10

Windows 10 is a Microsoft Latest Operating System, This OS is very Good for Use. If you are still using Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, then you are missing, just upgrade to Windows 10 and enjoy numerous new features it came with.

Activating Windows 10, is very simple, just Download the software I will provide link for and install or run it in your new installed Windows 10 PC. And after that, restart your System and your Windows 10 will be activated for use.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Download Free Premium Holomatic Blogger Template

Holomatic is a fully responsive gorgeous blogging theme craftly designed to provide creatives with unbridled freedom of self-expression. The brand new and modern design of Holomatic theme is usable enough to become your most impressive debut website for publishing your various informative and engaging posts. Holomatic Blogger Template is totally responsive so that it can adapts to your style as well as the device it’s viewed on.


  1. Responsive 
  2. SEO Friendly
  3. Google Testing Tool Validator 
  4. Mobile Friendly 
  5. Custom 404 Page 
  6. Fast Loading 
  7. Minimal
  8. Ads Ready
  9. Clean Layout
  10. Simple Design
  11. Drop Down Menu
  12. Social Sharing
  13. HTML5 & CSS3
  14. Browser Compatibility


How To: Redirect Wordpress Feeds to Feedbuner Without Any Plugin

In now Blogging, most bloggers are moving their blogs to Wordpress Blogging, because there Plugins do every jobs for you, without them spending the whole day in doing one particular work with bundles of time. To i think i liked Wordpress Blogging because i recent moved my blog to Wordpress and since then, i have been enjoying the good benefits of hosting my blog in Wordpress. and also before i thought that, editing and designing Wordpress to your own satisfaction, is a hard task to take. But now i know that working with Wordpress is ever simple and not hard.


Yes this is a good question to ask anyone that just start or moved to Wordpress blogging, because when your blog is on platform you have no issue with that, because Feedburner is owned by Google INC and also, now one of the reason i created this topic, is that most bloggers that are now using Wordpress, later know or find out that Wordpress has there own Feed inbullt, so for your blog to use feedburner, you have to create a redirection from your Wordpress to Feedburner.

So i will show you how to undertake this task, and is very simple and not a hard work to do in your Wordpress Blog, once you know how to access your blog theme or template file, in your cpanel or Control Panel, then you can do it on your own.

Login to your Host Cpanel or Control panel, and goto WP-CONTENT/THEMES/YOUR-THEME-NAME/FUNCTIONS.PHP.

Open the file or download the and edit it with Notepad++ and add the below codes to the bottom of the codes on it and save and exit.

// Redirect RSS to FeedBurner // function diww_rss_feed_redirect() { global $feed; $new_feed = 'http://your feedburner URL'; if (!is_feed()) { return; } if (preg_match('/feedburner/i', $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])){ return; } if ($feed != 'comments-rss2') { if (function_exists('status_header')) status_header( 302 ); header("Location:" . $new_feed); header("HTTP/1.1 302 Temporary Redirect"); exit(); } } add_action('template_redirect', 'diww_rss_feed_redirect');


The work is finished, what you have to do here is to Edit the bold link http://your feedburner URL' and add yours...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to Change the Color of Address Bar in Mobile Browser to Match Your WordPress Site Mobile Template or WPTOUCH Plugin

I Have noticed that many popular websites like BBC and Facebook, Geek.NG use their own brand colors for the address bar in mobile browser. Recently, one of our users asked us if we could write about how to change the color of address bar in mobile browser to match their WordPress theme? So i said Yes, and In this article, I will show you how to change the color of address bar in mobile browser to match your WordPress site.

Why Match Address Bar Color in Mobile Browser?

Most popular WordPress themes are mobile responsive. This makes your site looks great on mobile devices. However, it still looks and feels like a website.
Matching the color of address bar to your WordPress site, gives it a native app-like feel. This improves user experience, which ultimately boosts sales and conversions.

However, please note that currently it only works for Google Chrome web browser on Android devices using Lollipop or newer versions.

Match Address Bar Color on Mobile Browser to Your WordPress Theme

Simply add this code in your WPTOUCH Mobile theme  header.php file just before the closing </head> tag.
<meta name="theme-color" content="#660000" />

The color above is the color i use in my blog at Wordpress with WPTouch Mobile Plugin, you can view the demo here with this link: htttp:// to see how it looks like to have this code on your site.

This line is a HTML meta tag used by Google Chrome on Android to change color of address bar in mobile browser. The content field has the hex code for the color you want to use as theme color.

If you are not too sure of color codes, you can use google colors and know your site header color to use.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


TECNO MOBILE PHONE PRODUCING COMPANY, Is a Company that has grown big in Africa, and most of their smart phones and low end phones are likely used in Nigeria, A Country in the WEST AFRICAN Region, So i just finished flashing Tecno T420 Now, and I Decided to share the flash file which i read out from the phone, after everything is working very fine.

Download this flash file and share to your Friends through Social media Buttons on this blog, to support our work.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


One of the greatest things I have loved for my blog design is being able to center the gadget titles, post titles, date, and tabs on my blog.  There’s just something more appealing about the look and feel of my blog when it’s all lined up nice and pretty with the center of the page.

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how you can center all of these things on your blog as well, and do it all through the basic Template editor in Blogger.  We’re just going to add some simple coding to the CSS section in the Template Designer.

How to get there:

  1. Log into your Blogger account and then click on your blog name
  2. Go into the Template section on the left
  3. Then click the orange Customize button
  4. Then go to the Advanced section on the left
  5. Scroll down to Add CSS

Once you are in there, you’re going to want to add the following codes.  Simply copy/paste (or type) them into the Add CSS field, and then hit enter between each one.
Code to center your Post & Date Titles in Blogger:

.post-title {

.date-header {

Code to center your Gadget Headers in Blogger:

.widget {
  text-align: center;

Code to center your Tabs in Blogger:

.PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

You can also leave out any of these you want, and just pick and choose which things you want centered and which you do not.  If you leave one out, that section will just remain with the basic Blogger settings.  

Monday, March 14, 2016

Socio Viral Buzz Blogger Template

Socio Viral Buzz is a viral magazine theme, that lets you launch a fully functional buzz-like site in no more than 24 hours. Make your content goes viral on social media with this specially designed. This template is very flexible, easy for customizing and well documented, approaches for Viral News Blog and professional use. We guarantee that, this is Best Seo Optimized and advance options Blogger Template in the Market Unlimited color changing option from Blogger Dashboard. If you are looking for Viral News blogger template then this is best option for you.

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