How To: Redirect Wordpress Feeds to Feedbuner Without Any Plugin

In now Blogging, most bloggers are moving their blogs to Wordpress Blogging, because there Plugins do every jobs for you, without them spending the whole day in doing one particular work with bundles of time. To i think i liked Wordpress Blogging because i recent moved my blog to Wordpress and since then, i have been enjoying the good benefits of hosting my blog in Wordpress. and also before i thought that, editing and designing Wordpress to your own satisfaction, is a hard task to take. But now i know that working with Wordpress is ever simple and not hard.


Yes this is a good question to ask anyone that just start or moved to Wordpress blogging, because when your blog is on platform you have no issue with that, because Feedburner is owned by Google INC and also, now one of the reason i created this topic, is that most bloggers that are now using Wordpress, later know or find out that Wordpress has there own Feed inbullt, so for your blog to use feedburner, you have to create a redirection from your Wordpress to Feedburner.

So i will show you how to undertake this task, and is very simple and not a hard work to do in your Wordpress Blog, once you know how to access your blog theme or template file, in your cpanel or Control Panel, then you can do it on your own.

Login to your Host Cpanel or Control panel, and goto WP-CONTENT/THEMES/YOUR-THEME-NAME/FUNCTIONS.PHP.

Open the file or download the and edit it with Notepad++ and add the below codes to the bottom of the codes on it and save and exit.

// Redirect RSS to FeedBurner // function diww_rss_feed_redirect() { global $feed; $new_feed = 'http://your feedburner URL'; if (!is_feed()) { return; } if (preg_match('/feedburner/i', $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])){ return; } if ($feed != 'comments-rss2') { if (function_exists('status_header')) status_header( 302 ); header("Location:" . $new_feed); header("HTTP/1.1 302 Temporary Redirect"); exit(); } } add_action('template_redirect', 'diww_rss_feed_redirect');


The work is finished, what you have to do here is to Edit the bold link http://your feedburner URL' and add yours...

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