How to Change the Color of Address Bar in Mobile Browser to Match Your WordPress Site Mobile Template or WPTOUCH Plugin

I Have noticed that many popular websites like BBC and Facebook, Geek.NG use their own brand colors for the address bar in mobile browser. Recently, one of our users asked us if we could write about how to change the color of address bar in mobile browser to match their WordPress theme? So i said Yes, and In this article, I will show you how to change the color of address bar in mobile browser to match your WordPress site.

Why Match Address Bar Color in Mobile Browser?

Most popular WordPress themes are mobile responsive. This makes your site looks great on mobile devices. However, it still looks and feels like a website.
Matching the color of address bar to your WordPress site, gives it a native app-like feel. This improves user experience, which ultimately boosts sales and conversions.

However, please note that currently it only works for Google Chrome web browser on Android devices using Lollipop or newer versions.

Match Address Bar Color on Mobile Browser to Your WordPress Theme

Simply add this code in your WPTOUCH Mobile theme  header.php file just before the closing </head> tag.
<meta name="theme-color" content="#660000" />

The color above is the color i use in my blog at Wordpress with WPTouch Mobile Plugin, you can view the demo here with this link: htttp:// to see how it looks like to have this code on your site.

This line is a HTML meta tag used by Google Chrome on Android to change color of address bar in mobile browser. The content field has the hex code for the color you want to use as theme color.

If you are not too sure of color codes, you can use google colors and know your site header color to use.

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