Free SMS Worldwide.

Free SMS Worldwide.

I know many of you have been looking for ways to send free sms or make
free calls in your phones. Because sometimes you may want to send a
message to your friends or your parents and also to your family
members to tell them about the situation you are just facing, but
unfortunate you couldn't perform that art. Why? Because there is no
credit or airtime in your phone. But if you now know how to send free
sms worldwide, then it is very simple for you to do without airtime on
your sms message.
Now i'm going to give you, the follow steps to get this free sms to
your phone instantly, no programming language needed for it. It's very
simple and easy for you. If you are a novice in internet world or ICT

1. Make sure your mobile phone is connected to internet, because free
sms im talking about, need internet to work with your phone, without
internet in your phone, that means this free sms will be restricted
for your phone.

2. Ya this one is more important than the number one, i gave. Your
phone must support java applications. Because without it, you can not
participate with this free sms, i'm about to introduce to you.

3. Now if your phone have all the two steps i wrote above, the you
know that you are on the Go.

4. Use your phone to visit this website link and download this java
software or application to your phone.


5. When the website has opened, just scroll down to java if you are
using a phone that supports java or blackberry and android. Download
and send to your phone, them after downloading the application to your
phone, just open it and sign up with them, after that, verify your
number and start sending free sms. Enjoy...

Noble J Ozogbuda.
Your Life, Future, Career and Ministry Success is Our Concern.

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