Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Manage remote PCs from a single location with Intel vPro

As the popular saying goes, “time is money.” Businesses that find effective ways to stay organized and efficient are not only ensuring that everything continues to run smoothly, but they are saving money in the process.

When it comes to IT needs, Intel® CoreTM vProTM processor technology takes efficiency to another level, delivering to businesses much-needed convenience and a boost to their bottom lines [1]. With vPro processors, business notebooks and PCs can be managed from a single location. This means that IT professionals can solve issues remotely, preventing extra legwork by reducing deskside visits and also saving on IT costs.

The protection and embedded security technology in the 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processor family is at a level that has not been seen by businesses until now. Intel vPro technology is embedded in the hardware—out of view and able to deliver enhanced PC security.
  • Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard—New Instructions gives PCs a performance boost and runs decryption fast.
  • Intel® Secure Key generates random numbers for encryption using true random number instructions, helping to keep the process out of reach of malware.
  • Intel® Anti-Theft Technology locks the hard drive and embedded security keys of lost business notebooks, making them useless and the data inaccessible [2].
Eric Townsend, SMB & MSP Marketing Director at Intel Corporation, also points out that remote software updates help to maintain the health, performance and reliability of a vPro PC: “Systems are more secure because of software patch updates that can be made in off hours.”

“[Businesses] save money on overall power costs because of the remote power management function in HP EliteBooks with vPro technology,” says Townsend. vPro helps IT departments protect their fleet of business PCs, automates troubleshooting, repair and maintenance tasks, and reduces desk side and onsite visits. This can impact a business’s bottom line with lower total cost of ownership for business clients and higher operational efficiency.

Built-in management capabilities include:
  • Remote configuration diagnosis, isolation and repair of PCs, even if they’re unresponsive
  • Automated client wake-up and update of software and agents, even when the PC is turned off
  • Automated inventory of hardware and software
  • Automated upgrade of applications or OS to Windows® 7
Streamlined efficiency
The increasing use of multimedia, video conferencing, data encryption and demanding applications in the workplace puts a significant strain on a PC’s processor. Intel Core vPro processors have built-in visuals and efficiency features that help keep workers productive.

Plus, vPro technology streamlines management and security services since they can be done remotely in just minutes.

“As a result of their systems being up-to-date with the latest software updates (anti-virus, Microsoft® updates, etc.), employees will have more time in their day to get their jobs done instead of having to wait for a system that has been infected to be fixed and brought back online," says Townsend.  Additionally, “Employees will be able to do more work remotely and be more mobile because they do not have to worry about being in the office to get their machine fixed if it has a problem.”

These benefits and more make the embedded security, powerful remote management and smart performance of the 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processor family the ideal foundation for meeting the demands of an agile business.

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