Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learn and Remove LinkWithin Attribution under 'You might like this' Gadget in Blogger

A short tutorial for peoples who want to remove the attribution 'LinkWithin' under the LinkWithin gadget, actually LinkWithin has added it to popularize themselves but if you don't want it there then we are ready to help your remove it.

If you think that the attribution below 'You might like Gadget' doesn't look perfect then what are you waiting for remove it.

Many users have asked me how to remove this attribution but i feel that it's not a big deal if you are linking back to them in return of using their service or gadget, but some Blogger's don't want to keep it at all.


Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS > Paste the CSS in the custom CSS box and hit Apply to Blog.

Hide every attribution link

The CSS rule above will just hide the attribution link on the first LinkWithin widget but if you have multiple posts with Linkwithin widget for example on Index or Archive pages you may use the following CSS rule.

The instruction to apply the CSS code is given above.

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