Water Resistant Android Phones You Must Know Now!!!

Waterproof (Water Resistant) Androids

Some Android phones are water resistant right out of the box. It has become a luxury feature for Android phones starting in 2013. Every year, it seems like consumer electronic and mobile trade shows are full of companies displaying their phones in an aquarium full of water. However, not every phone can take water, including some surprising high-end phones. The Nexus 6P, for example, is not water resistant.

Note that water resistant is not water-proof, even if people (who are not phone manufacturers or their lawyers) commonly refer to phones as being waterproof. So if your phone ends up in the toilet or the pool, you should probably treat it as if your phone were not water resistant and go through wet phone precautions. Even if your phone is marketed as an underwater camera, you should probably avoid lengthy soaks in the pool.

IP Ratings

The greater the water depth and the longer the exposure, the more chance that your phone will be damaged. Most of these phones could survive 30 minutes in a few feet of water.

In order to evaluate exactly how waterproof a phone is, most phone manufacturers go with an industry standard rating system called the Ingress Protection or IP rating. The rating is for both dust and water. IP ratings give two numbers, the first for dust (or solids), the second for water (liquids). The scale for dust is from 0-6, and the scale for water is from 0-8. Note that they don't test submersion for depths greater than 1 meter, so after a rating of 8, the manufacturer has to tell you what it can withstand.

An IP42 would be pretty lousy and mean that the phone was protected from some dust and mild water spray but not submersion while an IP68 phone would be dust-proof and survive a small bath the shallow end of a swimming pool.

You can look up an IP rating and see exactly what it specifies.


1.  Sony

Sony Xperia: Sony started making high-end, water resistant phones in 2013. Waterproof Xperia phones include the Xperia Z5 Premium, Xperia Z5, and Xperia Z5 Compact. Sony even brags that the Xperia ZR can be used to shoot full HD video underwater and is "compliant with IP55 and IP58." You can be pretty confident that these phones will survive a dunk in the pool.

Galaxy S5. Samsung

2.  Samsung

Samsung water resistent phones include the Galaxy S5 (and S5 Active) and the Galaxy S6 Active (but not the regular Galaxy S6, sadly).  The rating is IP67.

The Galaxy XCover is also water resistant and is marketed as an extra durable phone (a status some of these reviewers question, so your mileage may vary).

3.  Kyocera
Courtesy Business Wire

The Kyocera Brigadier, Hydro Life, and Hydro Elite are all marketed as water resistant.


4.  HTC

The HTC Desire Eye is water resistant. This phone comes with a dust and water resistent case, which is surprising considering that it is also a reasonably priced model.

The HTC M8 has much weaker water protection, but it might survive some splashing or a very brief dunk in the pool.

Waterproof Coating

Companies like Liquipel can coat phones that would normally not be water resistant. You send them your phone, and they coat it and return it to you.

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