Saturday, July 7, 2012

Send Jar Files To Other Phones From Nokia S40 Device

Send Jar Files To Other Phones From Nokia S40 Device

This is a simple but worthwhile break through for nokia series s40 java phone users. Now you can send a jar file from your handset to any other device using this application called Sendmyjar.You can even send a jar file with other extension like .EXT or any other form. The software will automatically send the file after changing this extension to .jar all you have to do is to:

1. Download the file provided in the post
2. Install it to your S40 Handset
3. Launch it and select a .jar file or any jar file with its extension changed
4. Select ok and wait for the aplication to Search for any available device
5. select an available bluetooth device
6. Select the Device you like to send the Jar file
7. Confirm to send the file with extension changed as .jar
8. EnjoY

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