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How To Transfer Your BlackBerry Contacts To Your Android Device Smart Phone With Bluetooth

Its quite alright, that everyone are moving from Blackberry Device to Android smart phones, And, they all have a problem of moving or sending all their Blackberry Contacts to the Android Smart Phone. You know this; it is good to change your recent phone and go for a new phone with differents challenges that will make you learn a new trick or so many tricks on that new smart phone of yours,

So Now we are going to be looking at how we transfer Blackberry contacts to an android smart phone device with bluetooth, Yes that possible and to me this is the simplest method so far I had ever seen and its free in nature, than using WONDERSHARE MOBILETRANS , which is not a free software, that one can use to perform this task, so we all know what happening to Blackberry mobiles and how users are switching to Android, iPhones and windows mobile, so this tutorial will really come in handy for some users who are trying to upgrade to android and know what android feels like.

Now because you are changing mobile does not actually mean you will dump your contacts on the Blackberry mobile phone and start afresh with the android but instead transfer your contacts to the android phone and enjoy your new smart phone, this is very much possible like I have said above.

How To Transfer Blackberry Contacts Easily With A Android device Via Bluetooth

Follow the steps below and it will make this process successful, so please read and read again before you take the step because NAIJAEXPLOITS will not be held responsible if you make a mistake. That sounded strong right, but don’t worry this method is easy. we are just playing with your bluetooth.

Switch On or Activate the Bluetooth of the Android Phone
If you know the process, you can easily go ahead and switch on your bluetooth and for those who don’t know maybe you are new to the android operating system, here is it

  • From your Menu>>>> Settings>>>>>Wireless And Networks>>>>>Bluetooth Settings
  • So you will have to tick the box next to bluetooth to activate it
  • After doing the above step, check the box “visible” to make sure it can be found by the Blackberry
And you are done with the android for now.

Now Pair Your Android To Your BlackBerry Device
  • On you blackberry, switch on your bluetooth from the option button in your menu
  • Turn on your bluetooth
  • Add device (which is to pair)
  • Search for the android bluetooth and you should detect it
  • After you find it, pair with it and when it shows complete move to the next step
Transfer Your Blackberry Contacts To Android Phone
  • On your blackberry, go to your pair list( a list of mobile devices you have paired with)
  • Find the android phone you just paired with
  • click on the Option button(which is the blackberry sign button)
  • and select “transfer Contacts
And that it, your contacts will start transferring from your blackberry to your android device, this is how easy it i, just follow the method and you will get for sure. easy way to transfer contacts from blackberry to android device , any questions use the comment box.

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